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MC United Fall Cup 2019

Team Manager Information

Team Entry Fee

No refunds will be issued unless tournament is cancelled.


Parking is free, but we do encourage carpooling as the lots do fill quickly.

Tournament Rules

Print or send a copy of the rules to your coach(es) and players for review. Rules are available online.

Application to Travel

Not required for Wisconsin teams. United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) Travel Application form, approved by your state association is required for non-Wisconsin teams.

Team Rosters and Coaches’ Cards

State association roster is required for ALL teams. Please be certain that jersey numbers are listed on the copy of the roster you submit. Coaches must have their coach's card with them on the sidelines — referees will ask to see them before the game.

A copy of the roster must be left with tournament officials at the registration tent and will not be returned to you. If guest and/or club pass players are used, those applicable rosters/forms are required as well.

Medical Release Forms

A signed WisconsinEvent Medical Release Form, that includes information regarding Wisconsin concussion law, is required for all players. We must see the signed waivers for each player.  These forms do not need to be notarized.

Guest and Player Pass Form and Instructions

Complete theGuest Player Form from your state’s soccer association if you have guest players at the tournament. Please bring copies.

  • A copy of the Guest Player Form must be left with tournament officials at registration.
  • A copy of the guest player’s roster must be left with tournament officials at registration.

Players from your same club are not considered guest players — they are club pass players. No other form is needed for club pass players; just bring their applicable team roster, player card and medical release form to registration.

Player Cards

All players in U11+ brackets must have player cards/passes. The cards must be presented, along with a team roster, to the Field Marshal at the time of game check-in (on the field).


Awards will be presented to first and second place teams (U11-U19) immediately after the Championship game. Participation awards will be in team goodie bags. Pictures can be taken at the tournament registration tent.




  • State association approved “Application to Travel” form for teams outside the state of Wisconsin.
  • Copy of state association approved (USYSA) team rosters listing all players playing at the tournament. If your roster does not have jersey numbers on it, please write them on the roster prior to registration. If using guest players and/or club pass players, you will need their team rosters as well. We will keep a copy of your roster so make sure you have a copy to leave behind.
  • Guest player form (if applicable) from your state association. These are not club pass players.
  • Current player cards/passes (USYSA/US Club Soccer) for all U11+ players. (Electronic version is acceptable).
  • Signed copies of Wisconsin Event Medical Release Form (with concussion information) for all players.


Team check-in will take place at the Eastbay Sports Complex. 

Team players do not come to the check-in. The team coach, manager or other representative brings all required documents for the team.

Check-in is required at least one (1) hour prior to your first game.

Check-in will be open Friday night from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and then again at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.